2022/03/09 Faculty Positions in NCCU-CS(Apply by 03/31(Sun.), 2022

The College of Science at National Chengchi University is now open for the applications for Assistant Professor position in the Department of Computer Science.


Contract type:

National Chengchi University is looking for a motivated member with Ph.D. degree and outstanding academic achievements in the field of Information Security or directly related disciplines, who will contribute to our international research profile in a cross-disciplinary environment. The new appointee will be based at the Department of Computer Science.


Selection Criteria Qualifications:

*   Ph.D. degree with outstanding academic achievement in the field of Information Security or directly

     related disciplines, e.g. Fintech security, social media security, hardware security, AI security, privacy

     preserving technology and de-identification.

*   A successful candidate should have expertise in the areas relevant to Information Security. 

     Demonstrated ability to apply for research grants will be advantageous.

*   Preference will be given to candidates with teaching research, and a proven track record of high-

     profile publications.

*   Candidates with research experiences in conducting large projects, in writing research projects, and

     independent research will be advantageous.

*   Passion for teaching and talent cultivation, great communication skills, teamwork ability, and

     capacities in international exchange and cooperation are necessary.

*   Excellent English proficiency and research enthusiasm, good communication with well-developed

     interpersonal skills are necessary.


Application Documents:

Please submit an application package consisting of the following documents.

*  Curriculum vitae and autobiography

*  A photocopy of education and working experience diploma (any foreign diploma should be verified in

    advance by the overseas office, Republic of China (Taiwan)

*  Publication list

*  A statement of teaching interests with course outlines

*  Previous teaching portfolio/outlines

*  Two letters of recommendation


Applicants of all nationalities are welcome. National Chengchi University commits itself to offering equal employment opportunities to all applicants, independent of their social background, age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

For the application of our new fulltime positions, the interested applicants please make a hard copy of your curriculum vitae. Compose this hard copy, as well as the forms accompanying “The Procedure of Teachers ' Employment and Promotion” and e-mail the package to the department/course you are to apply.

Department of Computer Science, College of Science, National Chengchi University

NO.64,Sec.2,ZhiNan Rd.,Wenshan District,Taipei City 11605,Taiwan (R.O.C)

Please notify the unit/department, instead of any individual receiver, on the envelop for your delivery.


Deadline and Submission:

Applications should be submitted to recruit@cs.nccu.edu.tw by 17:00 GMT+8, April 30, 2022

For further information regarding this application, please contact Ms. Han at recruit@cs.nccu.edu.tw