2019/06/19 International Students
International Students

National Chengchi University (NCCU) was founded in 1927. Over the past 8 decades through re-formation and development, we have been upholding our motto, “Harmony, Independence, Balance and Preeminence”, and have continued to refine our teaching methods and research in order to nurture talent for our country and society.


We currently have 9 colleges excelling in the College of Liberal Arts, Law, Commerce, Science, Foreign Languages and Literature, Social Sciences, Communication, International Affairs, and Education, which comprise 34 departments and 45 graduate institutes (MA programs). There are also 27 of the graduate institutes offering doctoral programs. In addition, in acting upon the school policy of implementing our back-flow education, we have founded 16 on-the-job MA programs.

NCCU also provides a series of public facilities including the Center for Public and Business Administration Education, Social Science Information Center, Computer Center, Institute of International Relations, Election Study Center, Center for the Third Sector, Center for Creativity and Innovation Studies, Center for China Studies and Taiwan Studies Center to support instructors and students’ educational needs. In addition, NCCU also has an affiliated high school, an experimental elementary school and kindergarten, by which NCCU forms a consistent and articulated education system from pre-school level to the Ph. D program.


If you are a high achiever, then National Chengchi University (NCCU) is the right destination for you. We are noted as having the best degree programs in humanities, social sciences, and business in Taiwan.Come to NCCU, Taiwan if you are looking for:


·         An excellent education in Asia

·         A learning environment endowed with excellent professors and facilities

·         Over 600 courses taught in English Not only is NCCU one of the best universities in Taiwan, it is also ranked 

          number one in excellence for its friendly English learning environment. 

Contact Window:Graduate Admission: Sasha Ling (ext. 77578)
Undergraduate Admission: Carol Chi (ext. 77576)

2020 Spring NCCU Admission Brochure for International Students

What You Can Study

NCCU offers over 500 English taught courses, as well as a number of English taught International Programs at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels. Courses are offered on a semester basis. Our fall semester starts from September till January and our spring semester is from February to June.

。 List of English-taught Courses
。 Chinese Language Center 

*Mandarin classes offered by the Chinese Language Center are fee-paying programs. Unless otherwise stated on the agreement, exchange students will have to pay tuition fees for these classes. Degree-seeking students may apply for the Mandarin Scholarship that allows the student to take courses free of charge.