Stylized and Abstract Painterly Rendering System

Using a Multi-Scale Segmented Sphere Hierarchy

Ming-Te Chi and Tong-Yee Lee

Computer Graphics Group at  Visual System Lab

Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering

NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan

AbstractˇXThis paper presents a novel system framework for interactive, three-dimensional, stylized, abstract painterly rendering. In this framework, the input models are first represented using 3D point sets and then this point-based representation is used to build a multi-resolution bounding sphere hierarchy. From the leaf to root nodes, spheres of various sizes are rendered into multiple-size strokes on the canvas. The proposed sphere hierarchy is developed using multi-scale region segmentation. This segmentation task assembles spheres with similar attribute regularities into a meaningful region hierarchy. These attributes include colors, positions and curvatures. This hierarchy is very useful in the following respects: 1) it ensures the screen-space stroke density, 2) controls different input model abstractions, 3) maintains region structures such as the edges/boundaries at different scales and 4) renders models interactively. By choosing suitable abstractions, brush stroke and lighting parameters, we can interactively generate various painterly styles. We also propose a novel scheme that reduces the popping effect in animation sequences. Many different stylized images can be generated using the proposed framework.

Fig. 1. (a) input: 3D models are converted into a set of points, (b) multi-scale region segmentation, and (c) painterly rendering with different stylization and abstraction.

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Fig. 2. Illustrations of the same model with different NPR styles: (a) watercolor, (b) hatching and (c) half toning.

Ming-Te Chi, Tong-Yee Lee. "Stylized and Abstract Painterly Rendering System Using a Multiscale Segmented Sphere Hierarchy," IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 12,  no. 1,  pp. 61-72,  January/February,  2006.


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