Information and electrical technology is one of the major advancing
forces of modern civilization. The college of Information and
Electrical Engineering is devoted to offer the best education program to 
our students. Amongst many other important skills,
programming skill is the one that every student of our
college must possess.

Programming Courses Enhancement Plan
Refine Current Programming Courses
Offer Various Programming-Specific Programs (eg. Cross-Platform App Programming Program)
Offer various Script Based Programming Courses
Good for rapid prototyping
Enhance programming productivity
Offer an alternative programming language

Post many practical little shell script examples everywhere

If can't do the programming, memorize it. 

Sprit of 333 Plan: Creating a trianing camp of programming education
Three collegewide required programming courses
Computer Programming (I,II)
Web Base System Programming
Web App Development

Three Tutoring Systems: Establish Programming Service Group to provide comprehansive tutoring services
Computer Programming Help Desk
Facebook Computer Programming Forum
Private Tutoring

Objective:  Every student must be able to write a practical little
shell script  in 3 minutes