Dr. Yuh-Jong Hu is a full professor of the Department of Computer Science and the director of computer center at National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taiwan (R.O.C.). Dr. Hu was bestowed as an Honorary Professor at Institute of Telecom Engineering and Management, Amity University, India ( one of the non-profit, well known and high ranking universities in India ) on 11th August, 2017. Dr. Hu was elected as the active member of The New York Academy of Sciences on Nov. 1993. In addition, he was certified as a subject of biographical record in Marquis "Who's Who in the World" twelfth Edition, 1995.
Dr. Hu is in charge of Emerging Network Technology (ENT) Lab. Before being promoted to a full professor in 2002, he has accomplished several important works on software agent's trust, authentication, authorization, and delegation through digital certificates management in the Agent-Oriented Public Key Infrastructure (APKI).
Dr. Hu had been interested in the Semantic Web technologies since 2002, including ontologies and rules for privacy-preserving data integration and access on the Web. He has been continuously providing services for several well-known Semantic and Social Web related conferences and journals as international program committee members and journal reviewers, including RuleML, WIMS, WISE, KES-IDT, WI/IAT, WEBIST, WI&C, WIAS, JISE, etc.
More recently, he is interested in artificial intelligence/machine learning for big data analytics, deep reinforcement learning and its applications, and information system and network security. More specific research issues are: multi-agent systms for intelligent decision making through deep reinforcement learning, deep inforcement learning for optimizing portfolio management, big data analytics for intelligent security, privacy-preserving big data prediction and causal impact analytics, anomalous detection of business intelligent process, etc. Furthermore, he is also interested in the multidisciplinary research on security and privacy protection from technology and legal perspectives.


Working Experiences

服務機關或學校 職稱
國立政治大學資訊科學系 教授(現職)
國立政治大學電子計算機中心 主任(兼任)
國立政治大學校務發展委員會 委員
國立政治大學資訊科學系碩士在職專班 主任
加拿大國家科學委員會 訪問學者
Rule Markup Language( RuleML ) Consortium Steering Committee
國科會工程處資訊學門二 複審委員
國立政治大學選舉研究中心 諮詢委員
國立政治大學學術發展基金推展委員會 理學院分會委員
國立政治大學資訊科學系 系主任
國立政治大學資訊科學系 副教授
國立政治大學資訊管理學系 副教授
交通部電信研究所網路規劃實驗室 助理研究員
Department of Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Teaching Assistant


Honary Professor at Institute of Telecom Engineering and Management, Amity University, India
科技部( 原國科會 )獎勵特殊優秀人才
政大資深優良教師( 服務20年 )
政大資深優良教師( 服務10年 )
Active Member of The New York Academy of Sciences( 1992 - 1994 )
Marquis "Who's who in the World" twelfth Edition ( 馬奎斯世界名人錄成員 )

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