Neng-Hao Yu

余能豪 (Jones)

NO.64, Sec.2, ZhiNan Rd., Wenshan District, Taipei City 11605, Taiwan (R.O.C)

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I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, National Chengchi University since August 2011. I  received the Doctorate degree in National Taiwan University under the supervision of Dr. Yi-Ping Hung (2007-2011). Before that, I had worked for years in ChungHua Telecom., where experiencing Engineer, Team Leader, and Project Manager. I am also a member of Mobile, Social, & HCI Lab cooperating with Prof. Mike Y. Chen.

Research Topics

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

User Experience
Design (UXD)

Tangible UI & Multi-
touch Interactions


National Taiwan University

Ph.D. in Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia

Sept. 2007 - June 2011

Yuan Ze University

M.A. in Department of Information Communication

Sept. 1998 - June 2001

Tatung Institute of Technology

B.A. in Computer Science and Information Engineering

Sept. 1994 ~ June 1998


National Taiwan University

Lecturer in Information System Training Program, CSIE

Feb. 2010 - Jun. 2011

Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd

Lecturer in Telecom Training Institute

Feb. 2007 - Feb. 2010

Yuan Ze University

Lecturer in Dept. of Information Communication

Feb. 2007 - Jun. 2007

Receiver Design Studio, San Francisco, CA

Information Architect and Interactive Designer

May 2006 - Dec. 2006

Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd

Project Manager in Dept. of Value-Added Service

Oct. 2001 - May 2006



Taiwan Patent No. TW201506760


Taiwan Patent No. TW201413275


Taiwan Patent No. I466031


US Patent App. 13251296 (Pending, 2011)


Taiwan Patent No. TW201235912


Taiwan Patent No: I240521


First Place
Work title: “PinchFun: A Fine Motor Training Game for Preschool Children with Developmental Delay” / Student Game Competition

Students: 王奕方、王邦任、陳佳妤、鄭竣丰

CHI2016 Student Game Competition Award, 2016

Grand Prix & Best of Best
Work title: “BlindNavi: Mobile Navigation for Visually Impaired Smartphone Users” / Communication Design

Students: 陳萱恩、陳潛心、林禕瑩、王奕方

2105 Red Dot Design Award, 2015

First Place
Work title: “BlindNavi: Mobile Navigation for Visually Impaired Smartphone Users” / Student Design Competition

Students: 陳萱恩、陳潛心、林禕瑩、王奕方

CHI2015 Student Design Competition Award, 2015

Best Design Award
Work title: “xKetch” / 「使用者體驗設計」組

Students: 徐嘉駿、林冠儀

2102 MobileHeros 通訊大賽, 經濟部工業局, 2014

Best of Best &
Work title: “Hear Me” / Communication Design

Students: 林奕岑、卓思陽、鄭群萌、蔡宜璇

2104 Red Dot Design Award, 2014

Best Design Award
Work title: “Hear Me” / 「使用者體驗設計」組

Students: 林奕岑、卓思陽、鄭群萌、蔡宜璇

2103 MobileHeros 通訊大賽, 經濟部工業局, 2013

Gold Award
Work title: “Hear Me”

Students: 林奕岑、卓思陽、鄭群萌、蔡宜璇

第五届中国用户体验设计大赛, 上海 UXD Award, 2013

Silver Award
Work title: “TUIC SDK” / 「行動終端與應用」組

Students: 黃奕誠、陳彥妤

2013全國大專校院開放軟體創作競賽, 教育部軟體人才培育推動中心, 2013

Best Design Award
Work title: “iReach” / 「使用者體驗設計」組

Students: 黃大源、蔡松昇、徐嘉駿

2102 MobileHeros 通訊大賽, 經濟部工業局, 2012

Siliver Award
Work title: “Zoo Toys”

Students: 曾韻如、黃奕誠

9th YSED Contest, 育秀基金會, 2012

Bronze Award
Work title: “Tangible + Multitouch: a Playful User Interface Platform”

Students: 賴忠平、葉銘泓、蔡昀潔、陳雍協、蔡松昇、林方伃、郭珮晨、紀則安

6th Long-Term Smile Contest, 宏碁龍騰微笑競賽, 2011

Gold Award
Work title: “Lohas Flora”

8th YSED Contest, 育秀基金會, 2011

Gold Award
Work title: “Flora” - Mobile Image Recognition Service

2010 Telecom Software Contest, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd, 2010

Best Paper Award
Paper title: “Projector Calibration of Multi-Resolution Display”

23th IPPR conference on Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing, 2010

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