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Executive Master Program of Computer Science of NCCU

The Digital Content Program of the Department of Computer Science of the NCCU

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Regulations Governing Students Enrolling in the Executive Master Program of Computer Science at NCCU

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Executive Master Program of Computer Science of NCCU

The Department of Computer Science began offering the Master's program in the 2004 academic year, providing recurrent education at the higher education level that allows working individuals to improve their specialized skills and develop a second specialty through the program.

Combining theory and practice; providing working individuals with opportunities to improve their specialized skills.

Direction of development:
The Department has accumulated a sizable amount of experience and has a high capacity for interdisciplinary integration. Furthermore, it has produced concrete results in applying IT to media communications, law, public administration, as well as other fields.

The Department's Master's program enrolls working individuals regardless of whether they have a background in IT. Its educational and research policy is based on IT theory and technology, with particular attention paid to applying interdisciplinary information. As a result, the program broadens the scope of students' learning, and the research conducted and will have a more profound impact on society.


  • With NCCU's background of knowledge with respect to the IT discipline and academic theory, the Program is able to offer an IT education that integrates liberal arts, social sciences, law, commerce, communications, and international affairs.
  • In response to the government's national development plans, the Department is planning to offer a digital content program, which will train individuals to collaborate with private businesses and eventually create a platform for innovation and the training of professionals for knowledge economy and digital content industries.
  • Based on NCCU's traditional focus on liberal arts, the Program offers industry-academia collaboration opportunities that combine IT and the liberal arts, thereby enabling the digital, cultural, and creative industries to flourish.
  • The Program offers IT workers located in the Taipei area (including the Nankang Software Park, Neihu Technology Park, Xizhi Oriental Science Park, and Xindian Industrial Park) an opportunity to pursue an on-the-job education for a Master's degree.

The Program combines theory and practice and integrates research and interdisciplinary applications, and offers working individuals a channel to further their education. In addition to assisting working individuals in improving their professional competitiveness and ability to innovate and in acquiring a second specialty, by collaborating with other NCCU departments with unique development potential, the Program is developing broader and deeper knowledge in the area of IT applications and training well-rounded IT individuals for industry and government employment. And, at the same time, it is accelerating IT innovation and the concurrent exchange of IT talent.